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Druid Illiberality!
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July 2006
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0shiridesu [userpic]
an update from our last two sessions

Two for One

The keep was a pain in the butt. After finally making it past the mimic, we found a room with an alter and some cultists. It didn't take long to dispatch them, the poor fools, and we found a nice secret door. It led to a rather bulky human in armor. Okay, I sugar coated it. He was fat. FATTY! Anyway, after a brutal fight, we managed to put him down like a dog, thanks in no small part to our smallest part. Kitty ninja, attack! We continued on, finding some more prisoners, and someone being tortured. In the attempt to rescue him, well in my attempt to rescue him, he got fried, also thanks in no small part to our smallest part. *grumbles about psycho furry pussies* When we went to free the others, one of the females apparently wasn't what she appeared to be. So our druid killed the other female while we took care of the bad one. The last prisoner then attacked, smooth move, and we knocked him out. Only to have him die, once more thanks in no small part to our smallest part. *wonders where the party is being lead in the good vs. evil spectrum* We found some more prisoners shortly thereafter, with some more cultists. We saved these guys, and told them how to escape. Exploring some more, we discovered the sleeping quarters and a box with a magic gem in it. There was also a little monster which put the ninja in a catnap. It got away, with the gem, and we continued on. When we found the exit, only one of the prisoners had survived, chased by the thingies that weren't undead. We disposed of them, took care of the last of the thingies, then got out. We sitll don't know what happened to the goblins that could blink. Oh well. On our way back to the elven encampment, we came across a ghostly riddletelling sphinx-a-ma-jigger. We agreed to kill those that had killed it, some stupid kobolds, and found it's lair. We also found two creatures closely related to wyverns. May whatever divine beings that watch over the world never let us come across them again. We finally managed to defeat them, barely, then rested. After another fight with some shock beetles, *shudders* we finally got some sleep. We found the cave and killed the one kobold lurking inside...Wait a minute. One kobold?! I thought there was supposed to be lots of them!!! Someone's been fibbing. We found a nice shortsword, argued about who would get it, then fought a big ice elemental because someone was being greedy. It was a very tough fight, and we almost didn't make it through. With some very quick thinking, however, it ended with us still alive. We went back to the ghosty, and he yelled at us and said we had reneged on our deal. Well, screw him, he wasn't very nice about the whole thing at all. Well, we decided to forget the ghost and continue on, but we ended up going to the cave once more. I repeat, thanks in no small part to our smallest part. The druid finally got a new animal companion, and now we are set to find the band of kobolds. Oh yeah, and speaking with dead kobolds is just as retarded as trying to speak to a live one. Good luck next time, heroes. It looks like you might need it.

transcribed by Ryan

I'm the druid.  and it wasn'tmentioned that I accidentally shot myself with the rod of wonder.. and am now permanently purple.  I'm taking a class in wildmage so I think I'll be able to shift out of it.  Right Travis?