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Druid Illiberality!
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July 2006
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0shiridesu [userpic]
The Adventure continues:

Once again, our heroes are on the move. This time, they are under duress to accomplish a stupid mission given to them by a dead sphinx. As noted before, they are supposed to kill all the kobolds that had killed the sphinx. This time, the heroes found the encampment, and a little over a dozen kobolds were having a party. Before getting there, however, they were attacked by two weird treelike creatures, that tried to eat the party. They almost suceeded, partially digesting the kitty ninja. Fortunately, after killing one and attacking the other, which hurt the ninja even more, they managed to win in the end, and continued towards the camp. Our friend, the druid, showed the rest of the heroes what she was made of by turning into a...kobold! The surprise was a pleasant one, as now the heroes know they have a near perfect spy for almost any occasion. Infiltrating the camp, she tried to seduce the closest thing to a leader they had, but failed miserably. Unfortunately, she didn't know she failed. She was invited back to the kobold's tent, and she accepted. Silly girl. The ninja had followed, being all sneakylike, while the rest of the party, those that were not so prone towards sneakiness or were just too darn loud, stayed back and hid. The kobold in the tent yelled out about the intruder, and though the swashbuckler didn't understand what he said, he sure as heck got the gist of what it meant. And the attack was on. The kobolds were very quickly dispatched, thanks to some nice manuevering on the ninja's part, and a few arrows from the swashbuckler and smacks from the cleric, dispatched the rest easily enough. The druid, on the other hand, had more troubles, unfortunately, for she tried to use her super nifty Rod of Wonder. It didn't so much work. Perhaps it is time to put the rod away for now, as it has almost become more detrimental then helpful. Our heroes have grown quite powerful, and will continue to grow more powerful, while the Rod will stay the same. After getting some information from the last kobold, though something about it was not right, they camped, spoke with another dead kobold, then headed back to the sphinx. They knew they had not finished, as they had not run up against a spellcasting kobold yet, but they needed more information. On the way, they came across some gorrillaspider things, and were going to have a friendly encounter, when the druid decided to cast a spell on herself. Unknowingly, she provoked them, for they had no idea what spell she cast, and were not about to take any chances. So, our heroes had to fight them, and that was not fun. After a tough fight, our heroes were victorious, and continued on their way. They arrived back at the sphinxes ghost, and decided to camp and speak with yet another dead kobold the next day. Whether this will work has yet to be seen, however.

transcribed by Ryan